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'Connect Accounting' was established in 2007 to promote exclusive accounting outsource services to New Zealand Chartered Accounting firms. Connect is unique and was developed by New Zealand Chartered Accountants with the express intention of saving time and costs for the completion of compliance and other accounting work so that accountants could move to be advisors rather than compliance practitioners.

Connect has spent many years refining systems and processes to ensure that a high quality and efficient product is delivered to the accountants. The India office contains a highly trained and developed team of professionals who are dedicated to the task of assisting accountants in undertaking the compliance work for clients. The team receives regular training from NZ senior accountants as part of their professional development.


Greg Rathbun BCom, ACA


Greg has been a chartered Accountant for 30 years. Greg specialises in taxation compliance and business advisory to midsized businesses. Greg has always been an advocate of best practice, challenging for better office efficiencies and improved job quality. This culminated in the setting up of 'Connect Accounting' by Greg in 2007, to provide outsourcing to New Zealand Chartered Accountants.

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Online Diary   | Connect Accounting   |   info@connectaccounting.co.nz   |   0800 737 687

Online Diary   | Connect Accounting | info@connectaccounting.co.nz  | 0800 737 687